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Salads are a great no-heat dinner option during these oh so hot evenings we’ve been having lately. Noodle bowls¬†are one of my favorite warm-weather Vietnamese foods (the other being a banh mi sandwich) and I was pleasantly surprised at how … Continue reading

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sometimes you gotta play chopped

I cook dinner almost every night, yet when it comes to blogging…sometimes I just draw a blank. Either there’s barely anything in the fridge (the case today) or I’m just not sure what to make. It just isn’t always easy … Continue reading

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waste not, want not

By this point, it’s pretty much been proven that you can make pesto out of basically anything. Just here we’ve made a classic basil pesto, a¬†sundried tomato pesto, and even a kale pesto! But today’s recipe came from a desire … Continue reading

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Are you guys enjoying grilling out as much as we are this summer? What with the pizzas, burgers, and of course vegetable sides, it’s all so good! This post is just a simple round-up of two our favorite easy grilling … Continue reading

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pizza pizza

Remember back in February when I posted about my Baking Resolutions? It’s pretty much about how I want to learn how to bake from scratch. In the comments, Jessica’s mom, my Aunt Chris, posted that she had a great pizza … Continue reading

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simple is best

Marcella Hazan, who introduced Americans to “real” Italian cooking passed away this past Sunday. She was to Italian cuisine what Julia Childs was to French cooking. Her cookbook, “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking” brings to light the simple yet delicious … Continue reading

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peachy keen

Jumping on the fresh fruit bandwagon, I’ve got another summer fruit recipe coming your way! I have waxed poetic about my love of bbq several times on this blog. But you know what is especially delicious with grilled meat? Barbecue … Continue reading

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