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corn chowder

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js There is nothing better than Summer corn. And yes, I’m aware that it’s October but things have been a little busy over here lately, so this well intentioned end-of-summer post has become a mid-fall post. The air is getting … Continue reading

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all mushrooms

I know we’re headed into warmer months. And I know that you want light, veggie-filled dishes. Here in NYC, however, it’s still a little chilly at night and, quite honestly, we’re not there with the light, veggie-filled entrees yet. Soon, … Continue reading

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when once isn’t enough

Remember when carbs were a dietary evil item to be avoided at all costs? Well thank goodness, new dietary trends are embracing the spud and it’s sweeter relative. Potatoes for all! I’ve been embracing the sweet potato lately. Their sticky, sweet, … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner, so here’s a round up of game day food that we’ve featured on the blog. [Click the picture to take you to the recipe page.] appetizers & sides: meat! Happy food coma!

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it’s that time of year…

We’re in that time of year when everyone’s New Year’s resolutions have become far more realistic or completely faded. When everyone’s plan to eat healthy has been interrupted by a doughnut or two. Then the cold sets in and no … Continue reading

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sometimes you gotta play chopped

I cook dinner almost every night, yet when it comes to blogging…sometimes I just draw a blank. Either there’s barely anything in the fridge (the case today) or I’m just not sure what to make. It just isn’t always easy … Continue reading

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the most comforting of all

There are few things so supremely comforting as beef stew. Maybe it’s that it cooks for hours, creating a delicious melding of flavors or that it makes your house smell amazing while it simmers away. Whatever it is, as the … Continue reading

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