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down to the wire

Hey there strangers! Long time no cook. We’re both busy-busy these days, but we wanted to re-post our Christmas Cookies Links (below) in case you need a little something to get you through the last couple days before the Big … Continue reading

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c is for cookie

Are you scrambling to get your last minute shopping done? Have you already finished with your Christmas preparations? Either way, you should bake some Christmas cookies to gift or exchange with your family, friends, and neighbors. I’ve made what have … Continue reading

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got milk?

2014 has been the year of babies! Among the cousins in Derek and Jessica’s family, there have been 5 babies born this year! And many of our friends are also starting families, so yeah. Lots of babies. Our website is … Continue reading

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drizzle it, just a little bit

Sometimes the bright flavor of citrus can brighten an otherwise dreary day. The weather here in NYC has been kind of….confused lately. It’s warm, but the sun’s been hiding most of the past few days and it feels a bit … Continue reading

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cookie time, continued

Did you see the delicious shortbread cookies that Jessica posted last week? We’re here in the home stretch of the holiday baking season so I wanted to recap some of our previous cookies as well as introduce my biggest baking … Continue reading

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cookie time

As a child, my favorite Christmas cookies were the colorful ones. The ones topped with chocolate kisses or shaped like candy canes. The linzer tarts my mom made had tree cut outs in them that displayed their delicious raspberry jelly … Continue reading

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challenge accepted!

Alex and I are huge fans of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. We’ve been regular viewers since we binge watched it while recovering from the flu over four years ago. We’ve seen every episode at least twice. So … Continue reading

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