a list of what we’ve posted so far.
updated: 01.06.2014

veggies & side dishes
corn pudding (v)
greek artichokes (v)
brussels sprouts with bacon
roasted brussels sprouts (v)
loaded mashed potatoes (v)
sausage stuffing
stuffed mushroom caps
baked acorn squash (v)
oven roasted butternut squash (v)
parmesan-roasted broccoli (v)
kale chips (v)
crash hot potatoes (v)
roasted beets (v)
no-mayo coleslaw (v)
bacon and garlic roasted cauliflower
spicy slaw (v)
smothered okra (v)
squash casserole (v)
oi muchim (korean cucumber salad) (v)
haricot vert with bacon
brown butter butternut squash (v)
roasted spaghetti squash (v)
roasted cauliflower with panko (v)
sweet potato casserole (v)
citrus beets (v)
zucchini boats (v)
spiced parsnips (v)
sauteed red cabbage (v)
roasted baby artichokes (v)
corn maque choix (v)
marinated mushrooms (v)
refried beans (v)
slow cooker baked potatoes (v)
massaman curry mashed potatoes (v)
pickled watermelon rind (v)
homemade tortilla chips (v)
refrigerator pickles (v)
pickled beets (v)
salt and vinegar mashed potatoes (v)
microwave popcorn (v)
marinated zucchini (v)
ranch roasted chickpeas (v)
green bean casserole (v)
latkes (potato pancakes) (v)
sriracha honey glazed squash (v)

sauces, dips & condiments
cranberry salsa (v)
cranberry sauce (v)
hummus (v)
sun-dried tomato pesto (v)
lemony chimichurri (v)
candied walnuts (v)
balsamic vinaigrette (v)
ginger scallion sauce (v)
roasted red peppers (v)
guacamole (v)
homemade ranch dip (v)
tomato jam (v)
ponzu salad dressing (v)
mom’s bolognese
kale pesto (v)
remoulade sauce (v)
caesar salad dressing
chipotle vinaigrette (v)
basil pesto (v)
no cook tomato sauce (v)
grilled peach bbq sauce
tzatziki sauce (v)
apple butter (v)
marcella hazan’s tomato sauce with onion and butter (v)
aunt chris’ pizza sauce (v)

quinoa salad (v)
bloody mary steak salad
salad with roasted beets and candied walnuts (v)
quinoa tabbouleh (v)
black bean and corn salad (v)
kale salad with chili lime dressing (v)
caesar salad
broccoli salad
watermelon feta salad with balsamic reduction
greek salad (v)
kale salad with pepitas and lemon agave vinaigrette (v)
mandarin quinoa salad (v)

chickpea stew (v)
beef chili
hot and sour soup (v)
ham and kale soup with cannellini beans [slow-cooker]
zuppa toscana
butternut squash soup (v)
lentil soup (v)
roasted tomato basil soup (v)
pasta e fagioli
kimchi jjigae
broccoli parmesan soup (v)
short rib and barley soup
basque potato soup
pork, white bean and kale soup
buffalo chili
spicy sweet potato soup (v)
beef stew [slow cooker]

pumpkin bread (v)
zucchini bread (v)
jalapeno cheddar cornbread (v)
pecan monkey bread (v)
garlic bread (v)
mozzarella en carrozza (v)
waffled focaccia
earl grey infused orange bread (v)
vienna cheese bread (v)
mom’s pumpkin bread (v)
banana bread (v)
herbed flatbread (v)
homemade croutons (v)
pumpkin muffins (v)
pumpkin apple spice muffins (v)
aunt chris’ pizza dough (v)
cornbread stuffing

roasted garlic caprese pasta (v)
blue cheese and broccoli pasta (v)
veggie lasagna rolls (v)
lemon risotto with peas (v)
mac & cheese (v)
meatballs and pasta
sesame noodles (v)
pad thai (v)
fettuccine alfredo (v)
lemon risotto with fiddleheads (v)
baked paella
linguine with clams
lemon cream pasta (v)
beet risotto with goat cheese (v)
broccoli rabe and sausage pasta
pumpkin baked ziti
red beans and rice (v)
karmen’s orzo salad (v)
penne alla vodka (v)
rice pudding (v)
vietnamese summer roll salad (v)
pasta carbonara
penne with broccoli rabe and heirloom tomatoes (v)
coconut milk rice pudding (v)

vegetarian entrees
spinach quiche (v)
roasted vegetable and hummus tart
veggie fajitas (v)
baked eggplant parmesan (v)
spanakopita (v)
squash noodles (squoodles)
cheesy baked quinoa (v)
leek, chard and corn flatbread (v)
veggie coconut curry (v)
quinoa “fried rice” (v)
mushroom bourguignon (v)
mexican quinoa (v)
white beans with rosemary and lemon (v)
quinoa and black bean burgers (v)

chicken & poultry
kickin’ chicken
sriracha-glazed chicken
roast chicken and brussels sprouts with dijon sauce
chicken tikka masala [slow-cooker]
buffalo wings
chicken marsala
chicken rolls
lazy chicken [slow-cooker]
spicy honey-brushed chicken thighs
mexican lasagna
chicken dinner in foil
bacon wrapped chicken thighs
chicken in a pot [slow-cooker]
barbecue pulled chicken [slow-cooker]
chicken milanese
turkey pot pie
chicken stir-fry (kung pao chicken)
pesto stuffed chicken
asian chicken lettuce wraps
tequila lime chicken burritos
alex’s chicken
grilled green chicken
grilled lemon and rosemary chicken
grilled chicken shawarma kabobs
greek marinated grilled chicken
skillet roasted chicken over brussels sprouts
chicken with forty cloves of garlic
chicken cacciatore
orange soy glazed chicken

beef bourguignon
seared flank steak
bulgogi rice bowl
braised mexican beef [slow-cooker]
stuffed bell peppers
marinated steak

sausage and peppers
roasted pork loin with cabbage and apples [slow-cooker]
balsamic glazed pork chops
breaded pork chops
sausage with roasted peas and potatoes
spice-rubbed pork tenderloin
pepperoncini pork chops
bacon cheddar avocado grilled cheese
stout braised pork chops
sweet and sour pork
slow cooker ribs [slow-cooker]
cuban pork [slow-cooker]
grilled pineapple pork tacos
pulled pork with carrot apple slaw [slow cooker]

mussels with blue cheese and oven fries
panko crusted salmon, three ways
sauteed shrimp
salmon and brussels sprouts with ginger scallion sauce
shrimp red thai curry
ginger sea bass with swiss chard
seared scallops with summer vegetables
honey glazed shrimp
fish tacos
crab cakes
roasted shrimp scampi
spicy shrimp saute

mini ham and cheese frittatas
apple cinnamon granola (v)
nuts and seeds granola (v)
cinnamon pecan waffles (v)
breakfast bruschetta (v)
chai spice quinoa porridge (v)
challah french toast (v)
banana oat muffins (v)
cheddar scallion waffles (v)
southwestern tofu scramble (v)

bloody mary (v)
cool brew iced coffee (v)
limoncello (v)
carrot apple ginger juice (v)
mean green juice (v)
rise and shine juice (v)
abc’s juice (v)
earl grey vodka (v)
earl grey with a twist cocktail (v)
homemade blueprint cleanse (v)

peach strawberry sorbet (v)
banana “ice cream” (v)
double chocolate toffee bacon cookies
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (v)
apple galette (v)
apple pear crisp (v)
candy cane cookies (v)
davey crockett bars (v)
mahopac high school cookies (v)
snickerdoodles (v)
crumb cake (v)
strawberry rhubarb pie (v)
mom’s lemon bars (v)
strawberry thyme ice pops (v)
homemade funfetti cake with vanilla buttercream frosting (v)
jeni’s salty caramel ice cream (v)
chocolate cake with fudge frosting (v)
baked apples (v)
chocolate candy cane cookies (v)
peppermint bark (v)
peanut butter blossoms (v)
ginger snaps (v)
the best oatmeal raisin cookie ever (v)
almond power cookies (v)
marshmallow cereal treats (v)
chocolate brownie cookies (v)
peanut butter cookies (v)
loaded oatmeal cookies (v)
himym som’bitches (chocolate chip peanut butter caramel cookies) (v)
earl grey chocolate cake (v)
classic shortbread (v)
holiday macarons (v)
almond buttermilk cake (v)

(v) vegetarian or vegan recipe


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