jane + jessica in dc. [01.20.2013]

we are two thirty*-something friends who like to talk about what we ate.

jessica (r) is a personal shopper who lives in new york city with her husband alex and their cat clara.

jane (l) lives in a virginia suburb of washington, d.c. and is a civil engineer. her husband derek is jessica’s cousin. they have a french bulldog puppy, ginny.

we are 238 miles apart.

you can e-mail us at: twothirtyate (at) gmail (dot) com.

*one of us is 30, the other is not… 🙂

the photo in our blog header was taken at jane’s wedding by eric kelley. all other photos on this site are taken by jane and jessica unless noted otherwise. if you want more information on any photo, click it and you will be taken to our flickr page. if you’d like to use a photo on this site for any reason, please ask for permission first.


2 Responses to About

  1. Phyllis Marino says:

    Your blog has now been placed on my “favorites” bar.

  2. Phyllis Marino says:

    I made the chocolate chip pumpkin cookies yesterday. I wasn’t fond of the cakey consistency, & I was wishing they were a little spicier.. However, I made the pumpkin dip as an accompaniment, brought them to a football party last night, and everyone went NUTS over them! They loved the cookies & the idea of dipping them in the pumpkin. When I made the dip, I substituted plain Greek yogurt for half of the sour cream. It was a healthier alternative, & it didn’t affect the taste at all!

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