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3rd blogiversary

You guys! It’s been three whole years since Jessica and I started this little old blog. And let’s be honest– not much has changed over the years. But we have written 322 total posts and have had almost 85,000 views over the past three years!

HIMYM som'bitch (peanut butter chocolate chip) cookies on

Our big breakthrough this year came with one little post about a certain pop-culture related cookie. Our recipe for Som’bitch Cookies from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother is our most popular post by far with 26,401 views. And without further ado, the next four popular recipes from the last year are:

sweet potato casserole with marshmallows

2. Sweet Potato Casserole 4,688 views (last year’s #5 recipe with 295)

baked apples

3. Baked Apples 3,441 views


4. Slow Cooker Barbecue Pulled Chicken 2,443 views (last year’s #1 recipe with 1,053 views)

Greek marinated grilled chicken

5. Greek Marinated Grilled Chicken 2,085 views

And finally, we are restating our top goal for the upcoming year (and one that we’ve had since our first blogiversary):
We promise it’s coming for real this year! We want to really step up this blog visually and of course, keep more recipes coming your way.

Thanks for reading for the last three years. There’s still a lot to come! Stay tuned!

Jane + Jessica

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