the yearly thaw

Dog walking

It has been such a cold winter. Consistently cold. The kind of cold where I’ve been wearing fleece-lined tights under my jeans and three shirts on a regular basis. Jumping over slush puddles at every corner has become normal in NYC because it has snowed every week. Finally, I just. Couldn’t. Take it. Anymore.

Alex and I used his Spring break as the perfect excuse to visit my brother at his home in Miami. Doctoral exams and school were beginning to wear on Alex and I needed a break from winter and work, so a nice, relaxing trip has been just what we needed.


There are few things more relaxing to me than a house full of animals. These gentlemen are so great and I’ve loved morning and afternoon walks with them. NYC isn’t the best place to own a large dog for the most part, so for now I just have to relish the times I get to see these guys.

Fish tacos at Bimini Boatyard Bar and Grill

Greek Salad and cheese plate at The Cheese Plate

Food wise this has also been a great vacation so far. It started with fish tacos and fried plantains at Bimini Boatyard Bar & Grill and later that evening we had a great, simple dinner at The Cheese Course. They feature cheese plates (make your own or themed) as well as sandwiches and salads with cheese featured. The outdoor seating area is perfect with lots of greenery and cute little lantern lights to make you feel secluded.

Outdoor seating at The Cheese Plate

Chicken Thai crepe from Moloko: The Art of Crepes and Coffee

The next day Alex and I ventured off on our own to Midtown- a newer shopping district in Miami (also where The Cheese Plate is located) and had lunch at Moloko: The Art of Crepes and Coffee. My lunch featured a Thai chicken crepe with mushrooms, chicken, and vegetables topped with avocado and Sriracha cream.


Sarah's Super Sport burger from The Filling Station

My brother is co-owner of The Filling Station in Downtown Miami, where Alex and I got our fill of tater tots and Sarah’s Super Sport burger. This burger’s topped with thick cut peppered bacon and a smear of peanut butter. I know that just made you question my judgement, but I promise it was delicious. I absolutely, with complete bias, suggest that you check out The Filling Station for all of your Miami burger and craft beer needs.

Garbanzo bean soup from Three Palms Cuban Cafe

Coquettes from Three Palms Cuban Cafe Cuban sandwich from Three Palms Cuban Cafe

Today’s lunch was Cuban food from Three Palms Cuban Café in North Miami. It was time for a little Cuban food and this place was the perfect no frills diner-type restaurant. I started with their soup of the day- a garbanzo bean soup with potatoes and ham. We shared croquettes, which are a ham and cheese mixture that’s breaded and fried. They were delicious and smoky. I finished it with a Classic Cuban sandwich that I could barely eat half of. This large ham and Swiss sandwich has both mayo and mustard and even a few pickle slices. It’s pressed so it’s crisp on the outside. Such a good lunch!

I’m sure I’ll have more exciting meals to share when vacation’s over (we’re only halfway done)! In the meantime, think warm thoughts and tell us all about where you’re going on your next vacation!


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