terrific two


Happy blogiversary! It has been two years since we started this blog… We’ve had a great time cooking and sharing with you guys and are excited to keep on posting and hopefully making this blog even better.

But first, a look back. In the past year, we’ve had almost 12,500 views, averaging about 40 unique visitors per day. In two years, we’ve posted over 200 recipes! And without further ado, our top five posts from the last year:

1. slow cooker barbecue pulled chicken: 1,053 views! (original post date: 09.06.2012)

beet it
2. refrigerator pickles/pickled beets: 519 views (original post date: 07.18.2013)

3. snickerdoodles: 358 views (original post date: 01.23.2012)

blueprint cleanse
4. blueprint cleanse: 318 views (original post date: 04.22.2013)

sweet potato casserole with marshmallows
5. sweet potato casserole: 297 views (original post date: 11.19.2012)

In the coming year, we hope to achieve the following goals (Yes, these are repeat goals from last year….):
1. Website redesign
2. Improved food photography
3. More original recipes/recipe development

So please stay tuned for lots more goodness coming your way! In the meantime, we’ve ventured into some social media, so connect with us on:
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Finally, a big fat THANK YOU! to you all for taking this journey with us! We are constantly inspired by our readers and are so grateful that you take the time to check out our little blog. Please feel free to leave us a comment or message about anything you’d like to see going forward. We would love to have your feedback!

Jessica + Jane

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2 Responses to terrific two

  1. 52milespermonth says:

    Ok now I definitely need to make some of these.

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